The Posse

Anna Paccito of Pure Salon Montreal!
10/10 selfie
Jonno with his new pal NYC 2018
We're sure nobody needed these.....
Beautiful restaurant in SOHO NYC
Making fun of Jonno in Times Square
All in a day
Trying really hard to look serious
another photobomb..
Finally figured out the selfie
typical day in the office for Elyse

if you're walking on the corner of princess and Ontario street one things for sure you can hear our laugh from a block away !  

We're not just a team here at blunt we are a family. 

Momma Marie  (virgo) to everyone she meets,just don't tell anyone it will ruin her street cred. 

Jonno (aries) everyone's favorite dry sarcastic uncle.  

   and the "youths" 

Erica (cancer) the funny one even though she doesn't know it.  

Kristin (taurus) the "yoda" of the one liners, she's also the head of h.r. and the i.t. explanation department. 

Kitana (virgo) the one who's giggly to the core .

elyse (cancer) the social media extraordinaire.

if blunts atmosphere doesn't bring you back , the quality of our work will. 

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See you soon!

Making fun of Jonno in Times Square

NYC 2018 ft. random photobomber !!